Flashback: Managing in Volatile Times

2018 Semi-Annual Symposium Highlights

In November 2018, 13 speakers and panelists joined us for our one-day Semi-Annual Symposium at Lionhead Golf Club & Conference Centre where we explored Managing in Volatile Times.

As you may recall, the trade landscape was unstable in Nov. 2018 because the new NAFTA, or Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), remained unsigned. Throughout the day, heard a Global Affairs Canada insider’s take on agreement negotiations, and we got the perspective of several Canadian businesses affected by the state of uncertainty created by international tension.

Steve Schmidt, Political Analyst, MSNBC Contributor and Co-Host of Words Matter Media Podcast

Just prior to our Semi-Annual last year, the USA mid-term elections resulted in a new dynamic with the Democrats controlling the House and the Republicans strengthening their majority in the Senate. Steve Schmidt, Political Analyst, MSNBC Contributor and Co-Host of Words Matter Media Podcast discussed the changing landscape in his keynote, and predicted how the political climate would impact US policy on trade, immigration and border security. His take was both sobering and controversial. We look forward to this year’s keynote, more below…

Participants also enjoyed a lively armchair discussion between Rob Wildeboer, OG100 Founding Member and Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Martinrea International, and Sandra Pupatello, OG100 Vice Chair. In this chat, we heard the candid CEO’s perspective of managing risks in a changing trade environment.

Photos from our 2018 Semi-Annual Symposium

The NAFTA – or CUSMA – negotiations may be behind us, but Marc L. Busch predicts NAFTA 2.0 will fail. Marc will explain why and break down the “epic battle of free trade” we are currently engaged in.

Marc will put modern trade policy into perspective, and explain how our government policies shape and are shaped by international trade relations. Marc will also explore tactics that businesses can use to fight back against near-future changes in the international trade landscape. His perspective on politics and trade is especially timely as the 2019 Canadian federal election takes place in October. Contact our office to know how you can register for our 2019 Semi-Annual Symposium on November 7th: info@og100.org