Market + Management Strategies


The theme for 2019’s Semi-Annual Symposium is Market + Management Strategies. We have an exciting and enlightening day planned that will provide members with knowledge to succeed in new markets and build the best teams for global business.


PANEL – Deep Dive Into India

Many of our Members have indicated an interest in doing business in India, so we are featuring a panel of experts that will share their experience, knowledge and know-how with our group in the morning.

Panelists include:

  • Stewart Beck, President and CEO of Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada)
  • Kasi Rao, President and CEO of the Canada-India Business Council (C-IBC)
  • Michael Beneteau, CEO of CenterLine (Windsor) Limited
  • Deval Desai, Vice President and Country Head Magna India, Magna International Inc.

Stewart and Kasi will discuss Canada’s relationship with India from a policy perspective and provide an overview of how their organizations can help our members grow in India. Prior to his role of President and CEO of APF Canada, Stewart served as the Canadian High Commissioner to the Republic of India. APF Canada’s mission is to be Canada’s catalyst for engagement with Asia and they are focused on expanding economic relations through trade, investment and innovation.

Likewise, C-IBC offers practical ways to approach business opportunities in India. Kasi has been a long-time champion of Canada-India engagement strategies, and has worked as an advisor to corporations, universities, not-for-profit organizations and different levels of government.

Michael Beneteau and Deval Desai will share their stories of successes and failures in establishing business in India.

KEYNOTE – International Trade Post Canadian Election with Marc L. Busch

Companies that have a real understanding of how trade will affect their bottom line hold a huge competitive advantage, according to International Trade Policy expert Marc L. Busch. But he says very few companies have this understanding. In this strategic keynote, Marc will dismantle concepts spread in the news and will provide us with a view of what really matters. Marc often presents with Ajay Agrawal, who we heard from at our May Symposium. Marc will touch on how prediction, machine learning and robotics will affect the way we trade goods and services abroad.


WORKSHOP – Effective Leadership in a multi-generational workplace

Multiple generations in the workplace is the new normal. A challenge that has been identified by our members is identifying ways to effectively engage all the generations in their labour force. Today’s workplace might feature Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (or Millennials) and even Generation Z (born after 1997). Different generations bring wide-ranging values, beliefs and expectations to the workplace. Shifting office demographics require leaders to navigate the personal, collaboration and support preferences of different generations.

Kevin Mulcahy, co-Author of The Future Workplace Experience and former coach on leadership effectiveness at the Harvard Business School, will share insights that will help our members to identify prevailing personas and predominant personality types. The notions he shares will equip our members to better engage others, generate more sustainable results from their teams and be more prepared to lead the changes in the shifting demographics of the workplace.


Our Semi-Annual Symposium takes place at the beautiful Glencairn Golf Club in Milton on November 7, 2019. For more information or to inquire about registration, contact our office: