September 23, 2022

I don’t know about you, but my sense is that as I get older, time seems to go by faster! Here we are – already closing in on the end of September. Last time you heard from me, I was onboarding with OG100. I’ve spent much of the past two months meeting with several of you – and it’s been a wonderful experience for me to spend time with you, and in some cases, in your facilities. I’ve heard your challenges, your victories, and your news worth sharing. My goal was to have frank discussions with you on our successes as an organization – but also on ideas for improvement. You didn’t disappoint and some common themes have emerged from our discussions. The team at OG100 is working diligently to incorporate your ideas into our programming agenda for the next year – so stay tuned as we announce more on what we are planning at our Semi-annual Conference on October 27th.  


Now we’re into the crunch of fall, and we turn our minds to the uncertainty at play – high inflation, potential recession, supply-demand imbalances, increased energy prices, new geopolitical realities, and more. Our goal is to provide you with tools that are relevant to the challenges in your path. 

Our first session of the season happened on September 15th – a conversation hosted by Geoff Smith (EllisDon) and Michael Denham (National Bank of Canada). We had a great dialogue among our members and covered a wide range of topics, including inflation, supply chain management and how to become indispensable to clients. Three of our members shared great phrases that spring to my mind when I recall the session:Brace and Hold”, “Don’t chase shit you can’t deliver on” and “Now is the time to be a leader”. Next week’s portal digest will feature a full recap of this event. 


As always, we are benefiting from the strong support of our Builder Member financial institutions. I would like to draw your attention to another valuable resource – our quarterly economic report, produced exclusively for our members. This report takes an in-depth look at recent economic conditions with a lens specific to helping our mid-size members make better-informed business decisions. Rachel Battanglia, Economist, RBC Economics, Royal Bank of Canada, is the author behind our Q3 Edition (September 2022).

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upcoming events

I can’t close without mentioning several upcoming events in October that I am very excited about. On October 4th, we are fortunate to host a roundtable on the Chinese economy, featuring big players in the market.

The issues of cyber security and the threat of fraudulent activity have been raised by many as areas of concern to you and your companies. You have also noted your interest in bringing your top executives to OG100 events so that they can benefit from our programming. On October 13th, we will be hosting a “Member plus 2” event – where you can bring your relevant executives – IT and Financial Leads. Details on both sessions are below.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2022 | 3:00 - 5:00PM

Hybrid event:
Hosted in-person at EllisDon and virtually via zoom for those who can’t make it to Mississauga. 


  • Daniel Koldyk (Embassy of Canada to China – Beijing)
  • Sarah Kutulakos & Jeff Zhang (Canada China Business Council)

OG100 members with extensive experience in this market.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2022 | 9:00-10:15AM

 Virtual event: Perspectives on Creating an Adaptive Cybersecurity and Fraud Program


  • Sophia Leung (SVP Protect Platform, TD Bank)
  • Dennis Parker (VP Business Deposits & Cash Management, TD Bank
  • Jeff Foley (Chief Technology Evangelist for Cybersecurity, Siemens)

Consider bringing your IT & Finance leads to this very valuable discussion.

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