Robert Sherkin – January 2020

Robert Sherkin, Founder and CEO of Dynamic Tire Inc.

Robert Sherkin founded Dynamic Tire Inc. in 1997 and has helped shape the tire industry in Canada and globally. Today, Dynamic Tire is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sailun Group Co. Ltd. (Sailun). Sailun has seen rapid growth over the past 15 years and is currently growing at a rate of 20+% per year. Robert oversees three Sailun subsidiaries engaged in the wholesale/distribution of a wide range of tire segments (Dynamic Tire, Maxam Tire, and STA North America).

ROBERT HAS THREE BASIC PRINCIPLES that have led to success for Dynamic Tire:

  1. Provide the best value. Deliver quality products underscored by a certainty that quality sits at the core of every interaction.

2. Be the easiest to do business with. Create an easy, worry-free experience for your customers. Trust is earned and is something that can never be taken for granted.

3. Create win-win situations and help your stakeholders achieve their goals. Be dedicated to helping your stakeholders (customers, manufacturers, employees, etc.).

DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA: Robert has found success by forging relationships through face-to-face interaction. Robert recommends physically being in China if you want to do business in the country. In-person meetings enhance credibility and trust and they allow you to pick up information that isn’t on the meeting agenda. Furthermore, Robert has found that relationships often trump rule in China, and in some cases, handshake deals are more valuable than contracts. If you are considering a facility in China, Robert recommends having a local partner because their domestic knowledge is invaluable.

PRIORITIZING GROWTH is a continuous challenge for Dynamic Tire. The company has grown at a rapid pace for many years, so the conundrum is how to best execute and organize the resources required to support this progress. Robert emphasizes the importance of managing growth effectively with the end game in mind. Ask yourself: are we growing in the right markets? Is this development strategically aligned to our targets? Robert assesses how each prospect fits into the company’s long term-strategy, the likelihood of success, and if the opportunity meets financial, market share and development objectives.